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We have by far the largest collection of Jonathon Earl Bowser's art,  including many never before seen works, masterpieces, early pieces, artist proofs, limited editions, originals, and canvas replicas of the originals.

● We are the official publishers of Jonathon Bowser's art. His website links to us and Jonathon acknowledges us as "his publisher"--this is appropriate since we have published more of his masterpieces than anyone else.

Our private galleries contains nearly a lifetime of Jonathon's work--a collection of over 70 paintings and sketches--arguably some of his finest masterpieces!

● Only we sell our spectacular oil-on-canvas replicas of Jonathon Bowser's most famous works, but for an appropriately lower price you can buy giclees-on-canvas from the Jonathon directly.

● We sell the same limited edition prints of Jonathon's classic works as he does, but we do not charge shipping and handling (within the continental USA) for LE Lithographs and Artist Proofs. This represents about a 10-15% discount.

● All the prints we sell are signed and numbered by the artist.

● Only we sell Jonathon's Artist Proofs, personally selected by him as the best 50 prints of each series. We also have the exclusive right to sell many of his pieces, and as such even the artist sells prints of these paintings through us.

● Finally, we have the largest collection of Jonathon's original masterpieces in the world, including Maiden of the Tides (featured above), Pastoral Symphony, River Genesis, The Birth of an Angel, Celestial Apparition, and Earth Autumn Winter.

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About the Artist

Jonathon Earl Bowser was born in Canada in 1962. He is of French, English, Scottish, and some Chippewa Indian ancestry. He had a keen interest in drawing from the age of 8 and switched to painting by the time he was 18. Graduating from the Alberta College of Art in Canada when he was 22 years old, Jonathon struggled for many years as a young artist in Calgary, Alberta. Now, however, he has gone on to international acclaim. Besides being published by us, his work is also seen in galleries around the world. His original artwork, however, is mainly distributed amongst private collections like ours but is also occasionally found publicly throughout Europe, North America, and Asia.

Typing in Jonathon's name in any search engine, will result in hundreds of  thousands of results. I am constantly amazed at the different uses for and causes attached to his art. I was fortunate to have been Jonathon's patron for several years--in those early years when he was not so well known or in such high demand. As a result, we have most of his art--a huge collection of masterpieces. When standing and gazing at one of Jonathon's paintings, one immediately appreciates the difference between perspiration and inspiration--though he expends plenty of the former in service to the latter. I have seen him take as long as 9 months to complete a work, but 3-5 months is more typical.

Jonathon's art is much like that of the old Masters, as his attention to detail is immaculate, with vivid colors and near-invisible brushstrokes being the rule rather than the exception. Jonathon's art is uniquely romantic, spiritual, and sensual; it is revitalizing to the soul, warming to the heart, and astounding to the eyes!

Ceramic collector plates of Jonathon's artwork have been made for the Bradford Exchange, and his work has been sold in galleries from Carmel, California, to Calgary, Canada. Several of Jonathon's pieces have even been stolen by former Iraqi President, Sadam Hussein, to illustrate his novel (Zabibah and the King)--both for the cover and interior of the book! Imagine our surprise when the New York Times broke that story! Additionally, Jonathon's artwork has been displayed in International Art Expos held all over the USA--the premier event being held in the Javitz Convention Center, New York.

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Notes From the Publisher

At first glance Jonathon's Artwork appears to be designed to appeal to men, and it does, but not for the reasons one would think. While there is a modicum of tastefully disguised nudity amongst his work, most of the female figures in Jonathon's art are well-dressed. In actual fact, Jonathon's art also appeals to women! All of the women in his paintings display a great deal of self-confidence, are portrayed as being in perfect harmony with nature, and appear very much in control of their own lives. There is a definite air of serenity in most all of his works. None of these women are anorexic, in fact, many are (certainly by today's standards) gorgeously chubby--making one wonder why some people are so obsessed with becoming walking skeletons. Judging from men's reactions to Jonathon's female figures, I would say that the women's magazine and fashion industry has it all wrong! They have deliberately mislead women driving them down a very unhealthy path and towards a rather ugly set of ideals. The women in Jonathon's works of art certainly have no eating disorders and feel no need to starve themselves to garner the attention of men or that of society.

Not surprisingly then, Jonathon's biggest fans are actually women. This is because his art portrays more than just their appearance, he captures the essence of their spirits. Female figures in Jonathon's artwork are embodied with power, sensitivity, romance, and ability. They are treated with a reverence and chivalry that places womankind on a rather lofty pedestal. In a society which constantly degrades, objectifies, and obstructs women's progress, art like Jonathon Bowser's which upholds the ideals of reverence and respect for women is like a breath of fresh air.

However, Jonathon's fascination with women and nature does not extend to men! He portrays us harshly, as often upsetting the perfect balance that his feminine figures create, or at best as supporting actors. Thatís probably unfair, but itís Jonathonís easel and brush. Jonathon's art is one stage that ladies have almost all to themselves! Almost every woman that gazes upon Jonathon's art finds a few of his paintings that she can identify with personally. These then become icons representing her and her life's struggles and dreams. Many internet chat rooms and forums have women in them who use figures from Jonathon's art for their display pictures. My wife often encounters such women, and it is most amusing when she tells them that the original artwork containing that particular image hangs above our fireplace or in our bedroom, etc. The other person naturally assumes that she is either chatting to a consummate liar, or someone that is completely out of touch with reality. My wife also identifies with Jonathon's art, having found that Forest Wind, Invariance and Enlightenment, Born Again, and Pastoral Symphony broadly describe the sequence of her own life's struggles and victories.

I am sure that you will find many themes throughout Jonathon's work which will end up describing your life. I invite you to look deeply into each picture and see for yourself the past, the present, and even the future. Relive your life, or live vicariously through Jonathon's art. Dream a little. What the heck, dream a lot! Dream about the romance and chivalry that once existed and that still exists in your heart. It could become real again, so don't let it die.

Remember: "Dreams are like stars . . . very necessary for navigating through life."

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Anyone who has known us long will find this to be an unbelievable turn of events. God really must have a wonderful sense of humor, and irony! if there was anything that family, friends, and peers could have hand-picked for us to do, it wouldn't have been publishing fine art! So the next time you categorically rule anything out for your life, you may first want to ask for God's opinion, and prepare to be surprised by His answer! It's thus with absolute humility and thankfulness that we dedicate our online gallery to God the Father and to God's Son, our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

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